International Approval Services


Pro-Application’s international approval service is One-Stop Service for exporters to obtain approvals for different markets though a single contact window. Pro-Application Service assists clients with product safety and product certification. We can help you achieve many certifications and marks such as UL, CE, VDE, CC, PSE, or D Mark and other mandatory or voluntary national schemes.

The World Map of Standards

Below is the map of worldwide marking. This is just an example of what we are providing.
No matter how volatile the international market, there is one sure thing you have to think of: STANDARDs .


How Pro Can Help You

  • Provide advisory services to help you identifying applicable local and international standards;
  • Give guidance in application for each country, from the start, until you reach certification marking for the products you apply;
  • Cooperate and follow upon completion of your project between you can Notified/Competence Body or Laboratory of each country by your requirements;
  • Help you in registration and application of your product for approval or licensing in various countries.

Call for our service now!

  • PRO can provide one-stop service with professional team;
  • PRO can answer enquiries on information and update;
  • PRO can response rapidly for international approval service;
  • PRO can save your money and reduce the time-to-international market.


Direct Contact to PRO Staff

For more information or if you have inquiry about International Approval Services, please contact:

Somjate Kaewnoen
General Manager
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